Emojis as Non-fungible Tokens

3,186 Open-Source Emojis with On-chain Power & Luck Scores on the Blockchain

Emojis as NFTs

3,186 Open-Source Emojis with On-chain Power & Luck Scores on the Blockchain


Limited Niftymojis

There will only ever be 3,186 Niftymojis published on the blockchain (based on OpenMoji 12.0)!

Uniqueness Guaranteed

Each Niftymoji is engraved with a unique emoji and power+luck scores which are dynamically generated on-chain.

Fair Distribution

Niftymojis are distributed randomly as users purchase and mint a new MOJI. Lucky users will be able to mint a popular emoji with high Power and Luck scores!

Feeling Lucky?

You will be able to re-generate your MOJI’s on-chain power and luck scores. Roll the dice for the better or worse and test your luck today!

Daily Rewards

Earn MOJI Experience Points ($MEXP) Tokens every day for owning a MOJI! You can mine up to 1 MEXP per day with a single MOJI.

Play to Earn

Go on Solo Battles which are handled on-chain or join team battles with your MOJI to earn MEXP and ETH!


$MEXP will be used as fees to level up & upgrade your MOJIs to unlock your share of the ecosystem earnings. Fees received as such goes to support the $MEXP liquidity pool!

NFT Meets DeFi

Seamlessy swap MOJI Exp. Points ($MEXP) into ETH and vice versa through the UniSwap protocol. Support its liquidity pool to earn even more!

Niftymoji Minting Event

Mint a Random MOJI with On-chain Power & Luck Scores!
3186 MOJIs
Minting Begins
Minting Ends
3,186 MOJIs

1. Ethereum Wallet

Install and Login to Metamask on your browser. You can also use Trust Wallet or other alternatives which support web3/browsers.

2. Insert Coin on Gachapon

Visit the Gachapon Machine and insert coin (~0.025 ETH per play) to mint a new Niftymoji

3. Provably Fair Generation

Play the Gachapon & mint a random Niftymoji with dynamically generated on-chain Power & Luck scores

4. Test Your Luck

View your Niftymoji’s stats on OpenSea.io or any wallets supporting NFTs. Lucky users would have minted a popular emoji with high Power & Luck scores!


Non-fungible Token Meets DeFi

Earn It

Your MOJIs will auto-mine MEXP every day. Want more? go on solo battles!

Use It

MEXP is used to join battles and upgrade your MOJIs!

Swap It

$MEXP will be added on UniSwap for users to seamlessly swap ETH <> MEXP.

What is MEXP?

MEXP (MOJI Experience Points) is an erc20 token which can only be minted/mined by MOJI holders. It can be mined by your MOJIs & earned through participating in solo battles which are handled on-chain (on the MEXP token contract itself).

How can I earn MEXP daily?

If your address holds 1 MOJI, you are eligible to claim/mint a maximum of 1 MEXP per day.

The maximum you can mint per day with a single MOJI is 1 MEXP. MEXP mining rates will differ according to your MOJI’s luck %.

Your MOJI’s Luck % | Maximum You Can Mine Per Day
0-10% = Maximum of 0.1 MEXP per day
11-20% = Maximum of 0.2 MEXP per day
21-30% = Maximum of 0.3 MEXP per day
31-40% = Maximum of 0.4 MEXP per day
41-50% = Maximum of 0.5 MEXP per day
51-60% = Maximum of 0.6 MEXP per day
61-70% = Maximum of 0.7 MEXP per day
71-80% = Maximum of 0.8 MEXP per day
81-90% = Maximum of 0.9 MEXP per day
91-100% = Maximum of 1 MEXP per day

To mine even more MEXP, you can go on solo battles by interacting directly with the token contract. It will randomly assign your opponent for you. If you lose the battle, no worries! You will still walk away with 0.1 MEXP. Won a battle? Congrats! Your MOJI will have mined 1 MEXP.

What is the total supply?

The maximum total supply will be 800 million MEXP.

However, it is estimated that it will take about 200+ years to reach this value as with the low inflation rate of MEXP.

How will MEXP be used?

MEXP is used to join MOJI Team Battles and it is also used by users to level up their MOJIs.

By levelling up, you will be able to customize your MOJIs as well as unlock your share of the ecosystem earnings.

MEXP paid as fees for these activities will either be burned (destroyed) or used to support the liquidity pool on uniswap, depending on its liquidity support on the dex.

How does mining work?

There will be a mining section available on the minting page (https://niftymoji.com/mint).

Your MOJI will always be automatically mining MOJI Exp. Points (MEXP). All you have to do is to come back to the mining page & claim your accumulated mining rewards (NOTE: Maximum possible mining per MOJI per day is 1 MEXP). Balance is updated every few seconds on the blockchain.


Join a Battle & Earn ETH + $MEXP!

Power: 100
Luck: 40%

Power: 80
Luck: 10%

Reviewing PvP Battle...


Level up & modify your MOJIs! Earn attractive dividends with your MOJIs!

Unlock Features with Levels

Pimp Your MOJI's Looks

Receive Your Share of the Platform Fees

NIFTYMOJI, Based on OpenMoji 12.0

All emojis on the NIFTYMOJI Project are based on the designs provided by OpenMoji 12.0. You can easily browse through MOJIs by using their library.

Founder's MOJI Auction

All leftover Founder's MOJIs from the weekly lottery will be auctioned off with $MEXP.

Auctions will be updated weekly.

Founder's MOJIs are the first 100 pre-minted MOJIs.